Ice and Fire or Death

Apr 02 2012

It begins again!

Sorry for the delay in posting new stuff. I took ill so it will be a slow start. But I promise much more soon! Thanks everyone!

Jan 23 2012
Jan 22 2012

Anonymous said: Are you tired of gushing praise yet? Dear GOD as voiced by James Mason, I love this! Brilliant.


Anonymous said: best blog EVAR!


Anonymous said: when will jon be king

Never, I hope! Unless he wants to be King of the Grumpkins.

Oct 06 2011
Oct 05 2011

justyouraveragesupernerd-deacti said: Apologies, I should have clarified. I know it's implied in the books (I didn't know GRRM had specifically said they were), I was just asking your opinion on them fleshing out their characters by making it explicit.

"Fleshing" them out? Excelent pun! I think it’s simply the fact that in the show they have both the freedom to show what is going on with the characters that aren’t POVs (same with Robb) and an obligation to show us that part of the story since we aren’t inside the characters heads. :)

We will be seeing much more of Renly and Robb in season 2, where in the books we did not have that freedom.


justyouraveragesupernerd-deacti said: How do you feel about them making Renly and Loras lovers in the series?

HBO didn’t “make” them gay. The characters are gay. It isĀ implied as much as possible in the books without Martin having a POV character walk in on them while they were banging. GRRM himself has already confirmed that the are obviously gay, and were written so from the beginning.

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Oct 03 2011

kraken-with-a-plan said: I don't even watch Game of Thrones and I find this hilarious xD Big fan of Eddie, though.

So, what can we do to get you to watch the show or read the books?

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